Frequently Asked Questions

Our company pays special attention to the details of every project to ensure the complete satisfaction of each client. ​

How is Hord Services paid?

The cost of Hord Services is in a sense self-funding. In almost every case our fees are derived from the savings generated through our labor engineering programs. Our success depends on providing savings to our clients.

How does Hord Services save their clients money?

Hord Services increases output from 10-20% through very precise engineering of labor methods, extensive training and strong performance based pay plans. This methodical approach will improve associate morale and retention, attendance, and safety.

Why will Hord Services improve associate Morale?

Hord Services helps their clients create a climate instilling greater self worth in associates. This is accomplished through the process of training, coaching, and increased earning potential based on performance and attendance. Our performance based pay program can increase associate earnings by as much as 25%, and without sacrificing profits of the client. In fact, our clients see 10-20% increases in gross margin.

Does the client have to change their labor source to use Hord Services?

No! We are not a staffing company; therefore we will work with your current labor source. We do however have relationships with labor providers, should you need our assistance in finding strong contingent workforce alternatives.

Can Hord Services perform engineering services other than labor engineering?

Yes! We do offer a number of traditional engineering services, such as tool design, floor plans or plant layouts, quality engineering, problem solving, and much more. Please visit our Services page for a complete list.
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Why Us

HSI will work with your current management to add our method improvements and design a labor model to meet the specific requirements of you and your clients.

We will bring a seasoned team into your facility to develop and implement improved processes and methods, create a training matrix which incorporates these improvements, and establish performance standards and an incentive structure based on work content to maximize First Quality Throughput.

You will receive all the benefits of a flexible workforce with engineering support and a workforce management model to improve every aspect of your temporary workforce’s performance.