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At HSI, our main focus is no cost or low cost improvements. In addition to labor engineering, we offer many traditional engineering services such as:

Why Us

HSI will work with your current management to add our method improvements and design a labor model to meet the specific requirements of you and your clients.

We will bring a seasoned team into your facility to develop and implement improved processes and methods, create a training matrix which incorporates these improvements, and establish performance standards and an incentive structure based on work content to maximize First Quality Throughput.

You will receive all the benefits of a flexible workforce with engineering support and a workforce management model to improve every aspect of your temporary workforce’s performance.

  • Facility and Work Area Layout
  • Tool Design
  • WORK Measurement
  • KAIZEN and LEAN Methods
  • Statistical Process Control
  • TQM
  • CAD
  • SMED
  • ISO 9001/9002
  • JIT
  • DOE